Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pulling Kisses Redux: When the Words Run Out

Words tied up in secrets
Once small, innocent lies
They are muzzled
Under the penalty of false death

She asks me, “What happens to words
When all the trees have a million leaves
All the blades of grass are long and soft
All the bird’s nests are filled with hungry mouths
And song?”

We hide in plain sight in the grass
Watch the leaves rustle in the breeze
And filter the sunlit sky,
Listening to the birdsong.

Who are you
Next to me? Basking
Together in silent wonder
We think to each other, will we kiss?

Because that is the secret
We carry in our mind
Wordless poison, song of delight
It is what happens
When the words run out.


Dangerous Linda said...

oh, baby, baby, baby ...

Clarence said...

As in James Brown's "Baby, baby baby...?"