Friday, September 23, 2011

stolen kiss

what was your first kiss like?
was it happy?
did it make your toes curl
a smile all the way
into the next day?

or did you hide it
in darkness where
no one would know
what he did?
because it is not love

that takes a first kiss away
into scary depths
that will not surface
for a thousand kisses

you tell him
“this is not love”
he is angry
should you be angry?
should i?

i already am
or am i
projecting my own anger?
about what, I won't tell
don't know

happy. sad.
smile or hidden shame
are remembered or forgotten
because neither is to be believed

for “the questions of a thousand dreams”
spout the answers of a thousand fools
who, like me
think our kiss
could be the one
to fix it all.


1 comment:

Dangerous Linda said...

I don't remember for sure who my first kiss was with ...

But, I remember the first kiss with my boyfriend, Mr. C ;-x