Friday, October 7, 2011

someone told me


i don't believe in these things
almost as strongly
as if i did not believe in God anymore, and
the moon, stars, sun, wind, are
just cruel props
setup to help lure away the best of
my attentions

because it was not real
an illusion
or just so paper thin that
it is an easily pierced ear drum
that will never hear again
except maybe a faint whisper.
careful, I was not

are the sea, the moon for real
or are they a hoax?
did the Apollo ships really go there?
did Columbus not fall of the edge of the earth?
or is the horizon, a tired trick
that keeps getting repeated
as we chase it?

all a mock discovery
i am the fool, like the horse that runs
into the barn after it has been
set ablaze while today
someone tells me
it was the “for real”
shelter from danger


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