Saturday, December 17, 2011

frozen in/out of love

Gray day
hiding behind the brown
of a winter
i never lived

i feel frozen ground
remember how
i took for granted green
soft, supple blades

recalling that i did not
take my shoes off
in the warmer day
sun-filled, asking me to

run my toes through its hair
like only a lover would allow
and to lay down with it
another invitation i let pass

and now its caress has
grown cold and hard
mocking me naked
its blanket of snow cast aside

so late in this season
with trees who
have not dropped their leaves
in a last gasp of vanity

tomorrow, in may's solar rays
another boy
will play, walk and love
run his toes through the grass

while mine hide safe
in steady shoes
that will not tell the secret colors
of spring's thaw

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